Frequently Asked Questions

What this means to you: 
Dedicated to quality, integrity, service, and excellence in everything we do,Blood Donors Association works to ensure reliable and  a stable supply of safe blood and related products wherever they are needed from non-remunerated blood donors. We aim to maintain a professional standard in providing quality service to all the various stakeholders we serve—from financial contributors, blood donors, and blood drive sponsors to our partner - Blood Bank and the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life.

Core Operating Values


We value each other.


We keep our commitments.


We pursue open communication and practice teamwork to achieve our goals.


We pursue superior performance because someone’s life depends on it.


We partner with the community, the media and sponsors as well as the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life in pursuit of our life-saving mission.

Mission, Vision and Values


  1. Saving lives by creating Awareness among on Safe Blood Donations through Sensitization, Education & Motivational Talks.
  2. Recruitment & Retention of Voluntary Non-Remunerated Safe Blood Donors.

What this means to you:
Through effective outreach to donors, building partnerships with the community and organizations, blood drive sponsors, Blood Donors Association helps Blood Transfusion Service (also known as Blood Bank) to increase  the donor base or encouraging safe  blood donors to come forward and generously donate blood.


To excel and become the best organization in Mauritius as driving force and to make sure that blood is always available to those whose lives depend on it.